Combustion Heat and Power

Combustion systems that are the safest available in the market, save energy and natural resources, reduce fuel costs, reduce electrical costs, reduce emissions, and provide you with only the highest quality and safest systems available.  I have been told:  intelligent people need pictures to keep their interest...I don't believe that.  If you want the best....CHP is your solution.  We offer the following resources with no BS:



  • Industrial burners, Boilers, combustion control systems, and SCADA sytems that have saved millions of dollars in energy costs.
    • Low Emissions, energy saving, and low excess air WN Best Burners with Preferred Instruments control systems
      • 1.5% Oxtgen with 30 PPM NOX firing natural gas with no FGR required above 40% firing rate
      • Combination firing of fuels and specialty fuel burning applications
      • Advanced combustion control systems
      • Ultra Low Excess Air Burners with no NOX requirements (at or below 1.00% O2 above 40% firing rate on natural gas)
      • Burnermate Universal Industrial Control Systems that are a fully metered in the box solution and include FREE web browser systems
      • Burnermate systems are compatible with every system for data acquisition and include FREE web browser systems
      • PLC based systems available from most manufacturers
      • Custom panel arrangements for any application
    • UltralLow excess air energy saving Faber burners with Preferred Instruments Control systems
      • Oxygen levels as low as .5% O2 with Preferred Instruments control systems
      • Burnermate Industrial, Burnermate Universal, and Burnermate TS control systems available for all applications
      • PLC based systems from Allen Bradley
  • Commercial burners, boilers, controls systems, and SCADA systems
    • PowerFlame burners with Burnernate Universal systems as a UL package
    • Webster burners with Burnernate Universal systems as a factory supplied package
    • Superior boilers with multiple burner and control packages available
    • Hurst boiler and deaireator  systems
  • Existing burner control retrofit systems
    • Custom engineered systems ready to go out of the box
    • Flame safeguard systems to include Honeywell, Fireye, and Preferred Instruments
    • Custom free training for sales people
    • Burnermate Universal control systems
    • Burnermate Universal with oxygen trim, draft control, FGR control, feedwater control, and many other options
    • Touch screens with trending
    • Free web browser enabled system when ordered
    • Complete network compatability
  • Efficiency upgrades to existing systems to include VFD's, controls, and systems
  • Deaerator systems, surge tanks, blow down tanks, flash tanks, and heat recovery
  • Lead lag syatems
  • Thousands of In - Stock parts for flame safeguard systems, safety switches, transmitters, temperature sensors, linkageless controls systems, and many other boiler maintenance parts
  • competitive parts pricing
  • Custom engineered systems for boilers large and small
  • 100% owned disabled veteran small business
  • We have saved companies millions of dollars in fuel and electrical costs
  • Let us provide a custom solution for you that sells itself

Market sectors served

  • cmaxSteam generation
  • Public Utilities
  • Food
  • Dairies
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Chemical
  • General industrial (hot oil heaters, sand and gravel driers, RTOs’, oxidizers, ovens, and any other machine that consumes fuel of any type)
  • Fluidized bed driers and boilers
  • Ethanol Plants
  • Soy based plants
  • Refineries
  • waste water treatment facilities




BurnerMate UniversalCombustion Heat and Powers’ philosophy is very simple.  We will accept nothing less than perfection no matter what the cost is.  We will provide complete combustion system solutions that work for every facet of the fuel burning industry along with custom solutions for burning any type of fuel you can imagine. Our systems are the safest, cheapest, cleanest, and most cost effective systems available.  We have set the bar to the highest level for fuel economy, emissions reduction, safety, custom engineering, and custom fuel burning solutions. 

Integrity - Honesty - Emissions reduction - Safety - energy savings - complete combustion solutions